Things to Check While Buying a Second Hand House

People, who cannot afford to purchase a new house, often consider buying a second-hand house. However, as such houses have been used by others for years; they can apparently be packed with many problems, particularly if the house builder had used shoddy house-building methods. All these factors make it all the more important for the buyer to examine the house carefully before purchasing it. Though it is best to appoint a good house inspector to get the house inspected, but if you do not have the budget to pay for his services every time you check out a house, then read the points listed below. These are some of most important things that you should check in an old house to see if it is good to purchase or not.  บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน

* Check the physical structure of the house – From a vantage point, have a good view of the house. If the walls seem to be flat or plumb, then go inside to see if there are walls which are not square or are bowed at the corners. Besides, check the floor in the living area and see if it flexes or feels solid.

* Take notice of finer details – Pay heed to the workmanship quality in finish and details, like tile work, moldings, hardware, paint and wall panels.

* Inspect the facility of water control – Check out where the drainage pipes and gutters carry the excess water. See if the water is carried away from your property or goes straight into the house basement.

* Examine the roof – Examine if the roof is new and in a good shape. Do not hesitate in going up to see if it looks neat.

* Inspect the bathroom and kitchen fixtures – Make sure the sinks, tubs and toilets have high quality fixtures. See to it that they work properly. By flushing the toilet and turning on all the facets check if the pressure of water is adequate.

* Heating systems – Check what type of heater or furnace is used. Also see where it is located in the house.

* Electrical system – See if the locations and number of receptacles are adequate for the house.

* Fireplace quality – Make sure the fireplace in the house has glass doors or screens, log lighters and dampers. In addition, see to it that there is a suitable combustion vent, which draws the air from outside and also a proper spark protector present on top of chimney.

* Insulation concerns – It is important to take a look at the loft to ensure there is proper insulation. The house’s perimeter wall may have a receptacle cover on it, which is important to be removed while checking for insulation in the walls.

As buying a old house involves a great deal of risk, it is crucial to eliminate your fears. The checklist mentioned above would save you from many expensive surprises which you may otherwise come across. So, make sure to check all these things, while purchasing your new but a second-hand house.


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